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Life Recently

The past week was a write-off. Lately, I have been working on an Android game. This is part of my get rich self-employment scheme. I jest. Well, only for the get rich part. Anyway, so I've been working on a somewhat physics based game since about a month ago. It has been going reasonably well, though I've recently hit a few road blocks.

First, it turns out dropping your Android phone in the ocean isn't a good idea. As a broken phone isn't much use, I am looking to get a Nexus Prime to replace it.

Second, having your main computer die also isn't a good idea. While I do have backups, they are on a second drive in the same computer. Fortunately, I also had some older work on my netbook, which is great, except when you attempt to run Eclipse on said netbook.

Hopefully I'll get a new machine soon and I'll be up to full speed. Until then, I'll be working at half speed on the pint sized netbook.