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Plans for StickyGridHeaders

There have been a number of outstanding issues with StickyGridHeaders. Of course, it is now doing a lot more than I ever required for myself. In the last couple of weeks, one of the most requested features has been implemented; widgets in headers are now fully interactive and compatible with header click and long listeners. Unfortunately, animations inside of headers is a major roadblock, and to solve it, I've decided the best method is to rewrite the library, directly addressing the entire hack-job that drawing the headers truly is. The main change will be in the use of a container layer which has two kinds of children; the GridView, which contains the content you want to display; and the headers. I'll attempt to make the top level view as much like a GridView as possible, however, the change in the view hierarchy will result in changes to any code directly accessing the child views of the gridView.

As always, the public methods will be documented as clearly as possible, and…