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Introducing SuperSLiM

StickyGridHeaders is dead, long live SuperSLiM!
GitHub Project Page

After a road accident that prevented me from working for a while, I finally got around to rewriting StickyGridHeaders. However, this rewrite completely changed everything, so I have started a new project called SuperSLiM, and all development will be focused there.

SuperSLiM is a library that provides a layout manager for RecyclerView and allows you to create vertical lists with per section headers and layouts.

Section Layouts
SuperSLiM also lets you lay out data sections in different ways. This is something that just wasn't possible with ListView or GridView. Anyway, with SuperSLiM you just create a factory that provides layouts for each section on demand. Put that in the layout manager and you are good to go.
There are a number of different kinds of section headers you can use in SuperSLiM.

Sticky headers
These always display when some part of the associated section is visible. This has the effe…