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Version 0.4.0 released

SuperSLiM has seen lots of development this week, though a few less releases this time. Much of the work has been to iron out issues in the layout and scrolling code, culminating with a complete overhaul of it all. Now performance is much better and you don't get the weird problems that cropped up in v0.3. Oh yeah, and you still have a nice smooth scroll indicator.

Changes This release has big changes to initialisation. Old code like:
LayoutManager lm = new LayoutManager(); SectionLayoutManager linear = new LinearSectionLayoutManager(lm); SectionLayoutManager grid = new GridSectionLayoutManager(lm, getActivity()); grid.setColumnMinimumWidth((int) getResources() .getDimension(R.dimen.grid_column_width)); lm.registerSectionLayoutManager(0, linear);lm.registerSectionLayoutManager(1, grid); mRecyclerView.setLayoutManager(lm); is now:
mRecyclerView.setLayoutManager( new LayoutManager(getActivity()); and in your adapter you can set the section layout manager lik…

State of the SuperSLiM

It has been a busy time for development on SuperSLiM. Moving forward, in the next few weeks, I'd like to get to a stage where all the basics are complete. If you can help me with that, I'd really appreciate it. Just as little as telling me how you are using SuperSLiM is helpful, but also, I would love it if you are able to file any issues you encounter, and contribute any code.

About the Google+ Community. I am hoping it can become a useful forum to engage with you, the users, and for you to discuss how you are using SuperSLiM. It would be fantastic if you can post any projects you are using SuperSLiM in, or interesting things or ideas you have for SuperSLiM. If you have any code snippets you want to discuss, just host it in a gist and link it in a post.

That's enough of that. Here is a breakdown of recent development.

Releases A few early releases have been made to Maven Central. The latest release is v0.2.1 and it should be indexed in the next few hours. v0.2.1 is a min…

RTL support in RecyclerView

As I was implementing RTL support for SuperSLiM I discovered that child views of the RecyclerView are not inheriting the current text or layout direction. I poked around for a bit trying to figure out what is going on but I decided to do the quick fix for the example app and move on.

So for your views inflated in a RecyclerView.Adapter, just add
android:textDirection="locale" or
android:layoutDirection="locale" to pick up the correct layout direction.

SuperSLiM v0.1.0 released

SuperSLiM is now published on MavenCentral at version 0.1.0. To include it in your project just add the following to your build.gradle. dependencies {
    compile 'com.tonicartos:superslim:0.1.0'
} Alternatively, if you always want the latest version you can wildcard the version number.
 dependencies {
    compile 'com.tonicartos:superslim:+'
} Please note, there are breaking changes planned in the near future, and the latest round of changes also considerable changed things too.

Functional changes in this version LayoutParam changesAttribute alignHeader changed to headerDisplay and type changed from enum to flag.alignHeader enum values remapped to flags.Consequently inlined headers can now be displayed overlaying content views.LayoutParam attribute isSticky removed and is now a flag in headerDisplay. Removal of scroll indicator support This was done in preparation for changes to how SectionLayoutManagers are implemented. Also, scroll indicators were causing some performa…