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SuperSLiM v0.1.0 released

SuperSLiM is now published on MavenCentral at version 0.1.0. To include it in your project just add the following to your build.gradle.
dependencies {
    compile 'com.tonicartos:superslim:0.1.0'
Alternatively, if you always want the latest version you can wildcard the version number.
 dependencies {
    compile 'com.tonicartos:superslim:+'
Please note, there are breaking changes planned in the near future, and the latest round of changes also considerable changed things too.

Functional changes in this version

LayoutParam changes

  • Attribute alignHeader changed to headerDisplay and type changed from enum to flag.
  • alignHeader enum values remapped to flags.
    • Consequently inlined headers can now be displayed overlaying content views.
  • LayoutParam attribute isSticky removed and is now a flag in headerDisplay.

Removal of scroll indicator support

This was done in preparation for changes to how SectionLayoutManagers are implemented. Also, scroll indicators were causing some performance problems.


  • SectionLayoutManagers are to be overhauled to simplify the API as outlined on the wiki here.
  • Implementation of a staggered grid layout for sections.
  • Scroll indicator support with help from SectionLayoutManagers, so you can get a more accurate and better performing indicator with your custom section layouts.


If you need help, or require a clarification, just post in the SuperSLiM Google+ community or to StackOverflow with the superslim tag. As always, bugs go to the issue tracker.

Contributions are always very welcome.