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Version 0.4.0 released

SuperSLiM has seen lots of development this week, though a few less releases this time. Much of the work has been to iron out issues in the layout and scrolling code, culminating with a complete overhaul of it all. Now performance is much better and you don't get the weird problems that cropped up in v0.3. Oh yeah, and you still have a nice smooth scroll indicator.


This release has big changes to initialisation. Old code like:
LayoutManager lm = new LayoutManager();
SectionLayoutManager linear = 
    new LinearSectionLayoutManager(lm);

SectionLayoutManager grid =
    new GridSectionLayoutManager(lm, getActivity());
grid.setColumnMinimumWidth((int) getResources()

lm.registerSectionLayoutManager(0, linear);
lm.registerSectionLayoutManager(1, grid);

is now:
    new LayoutManager(getActivity());
and in your adapter you can set the section layout manager like so:
There are a few more changes, like configuring SLMs through xml, and how I broke your custom layouts :(. Anyway, the User's Guide has been updated to help you along.

Looking ahead

While I still consider the library to be experimental, I have started to fee pretty happy about its state. The last outstanding thing is looking into moving as much section configuration to the first section view. Past that, I want to focus on adding new features and layouts.

Get it today

Update your build.gradle files to get the latest version.
dependencies {
    compile 'com.tonicartos:superslim:0.4.0'