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SuperSLiM Status Report

GitHub project page

I've moved some things around on the wiki. In preparation for the next release, when it is ready, I've started versioning some of the wiki pages. My plan is for each major release to have it's own subsection on the wiki.

Also, I've set the latest stable branch (early_release_4) as the default branch in GitHub. You'll have to navigate to the master branch to see the latest development.

Version 0.4

The past few weeks SuperSLiM have seen a number of small maintenance releases for version 0.4. The latest release is now 0.4.7.

I've actually been treating the 0.4 release series as a stable kind of pre-release. It is my plan to continue to support it, for a short while, past the release of the next version.


Development on the next major version (0.5) is progressing nicely. A number of major features have been implemented and are currently having the kinks worked out. The staggered grid section layout and support for data change animations are still outstanding. In the next week or two, I plan on completing these features. I'll make a snapshot available for testing once they are done.

I am hoping that with this next version, I'll be able to stabilise the basic API and quickly progress to a 1.0 release.