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Help support SuperSLiM and get all the cool things.

It is time to talk about SuperSLiM, where is it going and how to get there. For the past few months I've been working on a new version that will fix many outstanding problems with the library. Among the changes coming is a new adapter API, a new SLM API, additional controls for headers, support for nested sections and headers, and lots of little fixes and rationalisations that will make SuperSLiM much better. I have also been working on the library to make it easy to test individual parts outside of the Android SDK, this is super important work, and much better than simply running SuperSLiM through Robolectric. Finally, there is the big problem with version 0.4, working with dynamic data is a big pain if you are using SuperSLiM, the new API is the fix for this, and it will be coming with example code and tests to demonstrate the best ways of getting your data changes into SuperSLiM. Well, that was a lot.. sounds good right?

Not quite. You see, I have been working on a number of things unpaid for a while, one thing being SuperSLiM. A few people have given me some donations which has been a great help. I have a great appreciation for those people. Anyway, in order to put more time into SuperSLiM and get the above done, I am starting a Patreon campaign.


Patreon is way for you to help support me while I write SuperSLiM. Per the name of the site, you, and many others, will become my patrons. If you would like to support me, you can pledge to give me a small donation each time I complete a milestone. Don't worry, you can set a monthly cap, so you'll never donate more than you'd like in each month. Oh, and you can always change your mind and turn off that donation. No hard feelings.


I would really like to have much more interaction with all of you. A blog post here or there, and GitHub Issues isn't really enough, so I am going to start using two popular apps, Gitter, and Trello. Using Gitter you'll be able to chat directly with me and others in the SuperSLiM room. I hope it proves to be a quick and handy way to stay in touch. With Trello, you'll be able to see at a glance features and tasks as they move through the development pipeline. With these tools, I hope for you to be able to have direct input on the direction the project takes.

From now on, I am also committing to weekly updates on this blog and the Patreon blog. I'll primarily talk about work on SuperSLiM, but I'll also include a little about any interesting articles, or the other projects I am working on.

The Future

Eventually SuperSLiM will be feature complete. I want this future library to be very easily extensible, and without limiting you more than RecyclerView does. I want SuperSLiM to be easy, much easier than now, to integrate into our apps. I want it to be easy to describe how views are to be laid out inside RecyclerView. I think it could be easier to update views, and we all know that SuperSLiM, right now, is awful at this.


I think it would be nice to start collecting a list of those of you who are using SuperSLiM. I would love to add the name of your app, organisation, or perhaps your own name to a users file in the github repo.

I guess that is all for now. If you like SuperSLiM, or want it to be great, please help support me so I can devote more time to this project. Thanks.

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