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SuperSLiM weekly update

This is my first weekly update for SuperSLiM.

For the last week I have been primarily been working on the public API for SuperSLiM. I have also worked to finish the modifications of LinearSLM to support nested sections and the new internal API.

As I want to ensure the public API is easy to use and understand, I have been experimenting with what it is like to use it in real applications. At the moment my biggest issue with the API is that, at the moment there are two chores to be completed when you have data changes, keeping the section graph up to date, and notifying data changes through the recycler view. I am considering ways to get this down to one task, which may require proxying the notify calls through the section graph, or making the library able to notify section graph changes, from notify calls, back to the client. I am also finding myself consistently writing helper classes to construct and manage the copy of the section graph in the adapter, I think the library could provide a helper class for this task, this helper class might be a solution to the problem of keeping the section graph up to date as well. Also, using a standalone helper class will let people implement their own if the provided one does not meet their needs.

During the next week I plan on finishing work on the public API. I also want to revisit the internal API as it is currently more complicated than necessary and has been a massive problem in getting this milestone finished. I hope that I will have a working LinearSLM with nested sections by this time next week, but I imagine I will still be writing tests for it.

If you want to help support SuperSLiM development, please consider visiting the patreon campaign page and become a patron by pledging a small donation. Thanks.