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SuperSLiM 'should've been a weekly' update

In the past few weeks I should have written a couple of regular weekly updates, but I didn't, and I feel bad about that. Anyway, on to the good things.

SuperSLiM has been making good progress with a complete adapter interface, a near complete database backed example app, and a working but not fully tested linear layout.

SectionGraphAdapter In testing the new section graph adapter functions well with the stock recycler view layouts and is working with the SuperSLiM LinearSLM. This will resolve version 0.4 issues with dynamic data. At the moment the section graph has to maintain quite a bit of metadata to map items into the flat structure the recycler view expects. This means performing changes to the section graph can perform quite a bit of work at times. For some cases it may be worth using a slightly different implementation which sacrifices access performance from the recycler view side for increased performance when making changes to the graph. Also, I found it trivial to add …