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SuperSLiM Milestone 1

I’ve reached Milestone 1 for development on the new version of SuperSLiM. This is a complete rewrite of the library to fix long outstanding problems in the original design. You can see the roadmap for version 5 up on Trello. I expect Milestone 2 to be completed within the next couple of weeks.Milestone 1Milestone 1 was pretty much all about getting a good foundation for the library in place. The internal graph and SLM APIs are sorted out with support for a basic layout, predictive animations, and an adapter implementation. The new design is very flexible and makes extending the library very clean and easy.KotlinThe library is now written in Kotlin. Kotlin is presently heading for a 1.0 release itself. When that happens, I’ll be doing a code review of the library to identify and address any unnecessary garbage collection or other performance related problems.What is implementedSuperSlimAdapterThere is an adapter available. It implements a graph which can store objects for view binding.…